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Self-proclaimed Christian “prophet” Mark Taylor believes that Hillary Clinton would have turned churches into mosques had she been president and that Donald Trump will unveil the cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s in his second term.

And yet his latest outburst outdoes all of that.

Speaking with Christian radio host Sheila Zilinsky, Taylor claimed that demons — actual demons — were opposing Donald Trump because he knows they enjoy eating children and he wants to lock them up.

“It’s like some of these people are not even human,” Taylor said. “It’s like their DNA has been changed to the point to where it’s just pure out evil … These are literally demons that are manifesting right now. These are not humans that are manifesting, these are demons that are manifesting with this stuff.”

Taylor told Zilinsky’s audience to rest assured that “there is a plan in place” for Trump’s government to sweep up all of these people in mass arrests but advised listeners to prepare themselves for the horrifying revelations that are sure to follow.

“I’m warning people now, you’d better be prepared because when it does break loose, it’s going to be like nothing we’ve ever experienced before,” he said. “Because when they start talking about the cannibalism, eating kids, sacrificing children, when they start talking about all of this in detail and who was involved, it’s going to blow people’s minds.

If opposition to Trump includes child-eating demons, I’m clearly missing out. No one even tells me where the toddler treats and fetal feasts are being served.

Maybe you’re tempted to dismiss all this as a couple of fringe Christians talking crazy, but Taylor is seen as something of a Christian martyr. Students and staff at Liberty University are currently working on a pro-Trump documentary in which Taylor plays a role because he claims God told him in 2011 that Trump would be elected in 2012. (What’s that? Trump wasn’t elected in 2012? Shut up and stop thinking logically.)

(via Right Wing Watch. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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