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Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, who said earlier that Donald Trump won a surefire landslide victory in the election he lost, and that God told her Trump would remain in office, and that Joe Biden‘s inauguration was “fake,” still insists she was right all along.

Her latest lie? That a talking scroll in Heaven knows Trump is president, and that’s all that matters. She explained this on Sunday during a talk to One Accord Christian Fellowship Church in Florida.

“This is what happened on Jan. 20, 2021,” she added. “There was a scroll open in Heaven. The scroll’s name is called ‘Justice.’ Things began to be sent down to this Earth at an accelerated rate. [The Holy Spirit is] setting something in place. … Something that will become a move of God that will touch this whole Earth, and will make things very visible for Hell. The scroll is a piece of paper on a wooden dowel. It’s a living thing. When it’s opened, it speaks itself, it reads itself so it’s released on the Earth. So things have already been set in place. You can’t see it unless you’re a seer, and I keep telling people, ‘If you were a seer, you’d see demons running and screaming from D.C. as fast as they can get out of there.’”

So… that should settle the matter.

I suppose I should be happy about the fact that a bunch of delusional Christians are satisfied because Trump is president in their fantasy land… because that means those of us in the real world — the one with a Democratic president — can just move forward with them getting in the way. Kerr is doing us a favor, really, by accepting that Trump is only president in the realm of fiction.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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