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Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald said on his “The MC Files” show this week that Christians who oppose Donald Trump are betraying God.

(I guess he’s unaware that supporting Trump effectively means ignoring everything Jesus, a Middle Eastern refugee, said.)

“We recognize what God has done in Donald Trump and we recognize that he’s anointed an imperfect man,” McDonald continued, “but we understand he’s anointed an imperfect man for a perfect time in history, for such a time as this, and we are never going to betray him because in betraying him, we’re going to betray the call that God has put on him.

“It would be better for you religious types to get in the trench with us and start fighting for your country instead of fighting against it and being a bunch of scumbags and tearing the country down with your religious malarkey,” he added. “All the religious malarkey in the world is not going to save America, folks. The only person who is going to save this country is the God of Heaven and he is trying to do it. He’s trying to help us and he’s got a man in office that is trying to help it and save it and it would be wise to get behind him.

Imagine how pathetic your religious myth has to be for Donald Trump to be the superhero.

In any case, McDonald just wrote off a whole bunch of people, given that Trump’s approval is sinking even among the religious. Only 50% of Protestants approve of him. And only 36% of Catholics. Those numbers aren’t suddenly going to spike up just because his administration made another brown baby cry. Even for white evangelicals — the core of Trump’s base and McDonald’s viewers — the approval has dropped from 78% after the inauguration to 69% earlier this year.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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