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Are you upset by how millions of Americans voted for a “wicked and evil man”?

Are you tired of criminals filling government positions? And how so many political leaders have “such a high tolerance for… corruption and tyranny”?

Are you sick of “fake news”? And hypocrites? And those who “don’t have a moral compass”?

Then preacher Bert M. Farias, writing at Charisma, has some advice for you: Stop voting for Democrats.

(Seriously. He wrote that.)

So many of those who profess Jesus Christ continually vote for the Democratic Party. How can you justify that when they are now riding fully with Satan? Today, I dare call them “the demonic party.”

Stop voting for criminals to fill governmental positions in our land. How can so many have such a high tolerance for the corruption and tyranny they represent? It’s pure madness and defies logic.

Godless Hollywood and the snake-oiled media will keep endorsing evil. It’s about time you stop believing their lies.

Why do you even give the time of day to Trump haters who lie continually and poison you with fake news?

Again, the problem is in the church world. We have too many hypocrites who tell us they love Jesus out of one side of their mouth while casting votes for those who represent the devil’s agenda. Educate yourselves.

Christ… you can’t talk sense into someone who’s that far gone. They make up corruption on the other side while ignoring all the obvious examples of it on their own. Or, more likely, they blame others to deflect from their own irresponsibility. It’s pathological, which is the only kind of logic these people possess.

It’s telling that conservative Christians are perfectly willing to look the other way when it comes to Donald Trump paying off a porn star and a Playboy bunny to hide his affairs, or his willingness to tear children away from their families, or his ignorance of global issues, or his hiring of corrupt people to overshadow his own immoral actions, etc. None of that matters to them because they’ve made up their own reasons to hate liberals.

And Charisma just prints it as if readers will get something useful out of it. What a trashy publication.

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