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It was just a few days ago when I posted about the latest development in the ongoing saga in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Long story short, the giant hydraulic cross that had been going up several times a year was going to be transformed into a neutral anchor… but local Christians were furious that they were losing a privilege they didn’t deserve in the first place. So a group called “Citizens of Grand Haven” filed a lawsuit asking the court to reverse the city council’s decision.

Their lawsuit was dismissed this week in large part because the organization wasn’t real (it was only created to file this lawsuit) and because the members of that group were anonymous.

So now they’re trying again by shedding their anonymity:

Attorney Helen Brinkman said she resubmitted the civil suit alleging a city ordinance regarding the use of Dewey Hill is unconstitutional. This time, the suit names the plaintiffs.

The city residents now named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Ann Dawson, Wayne and Shirley Erxleben, Laura Sterenberg, and Gary and Mary Kievit; along with Jeff Grunow, a former Grand Haven resident who now lives in Mesa, Ariz. Grunow is the son of one of the Dewey Hill cross engineers, and formed a group last fall called “Keep the Grand Haven Cross.”

You can read the full lawsuit here.

It still deserves to lose on the merits. The main argument is this:

Defendant’s Resolution contains content based discrimination against religious free speech, in the Dewey Hill Cross Monument by eliminating the religious portion and specifically retaining the secular version of the monument

In short, they’re mad because the illegal part of the monument was removed… which is kind of how the law works.

Maybe another dismissal will finally get them to stop fighting this unnecessary battle. If they want a giant cross, they can put one up in a church. They don’t need the government doing it for them.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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