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The last time we heard from Vision America founder and pastor Rick Scarborough, he was telling conservative Christian parents they shouldn’t tell their kids about Santa Claus because it was a lie — and that it was no coincidence that SANTA and SATAN were anagrams.

In short, he’s a conspiracy-minded Republican who defends people like alleged child sex predator Roy Moore.

What’s especially troubling, though, is that Scarborough, now the president of “Recover America,” is raising money to make sure people like him get elected to school boards. He’s starting small, focusing on three districts in Houston, Texas.

During a speech earlier this month to the Katy Christian Chamber of Commerce, Scarborough explained that he’s raising millions of dollars to make sure his candidates win those races and they can replicate their success across Texas:

“If we win these three school boards were weighing in on, then we’re going to go around Texas and do 50 events,” Scarborough said. “We’ve got a $2 million budget for this and we got to raise it.”

“We’ve already targeted about 55 locations,” he continued. “We’re gonna send people in ahead of us if we’re fully funded to make sure the pastors are there. That’s the hard part. When a pastor is confronted with the truth, if they’ve been called, they’re gonna respond. And our goal is to get 2,000 pastors who will be patriot pastors in Texas once again [and] who will take over their local school boards — not take over but put Christians in offices, teach their people that they should run to those local offices. And if they get excited about that, we’ll sweep right through every election coming up.”

Earlier in his presentation, Scarborough railed against teaching about LGBTQ equality in schools, vowing that if his effort is successful, they will be able to “get this crap out of our schools.”

Here’s why that’s especially concerning: Scarborough isn’t saying he wants these people elected because they care about students or because they care deeply about education. He wants them elected precisely because they hate public education and want to destroy it.

This is a conservative Christian attempt to sabotage local school boards.

These are not decent human beings. They’re religious extremists whose only goal is to hurt other people. Scarborough doesn’t even hide this. In the clip, he refers to himself as a “Christocrat” as a way of implying only his kind of Christian should serve in politics.

If his ideas were any good, he wouldn’t need to resort to these underhanded tactics to convince people to vote for his preferred candidates. But they’re not and he knows it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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