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The city of Rowlett, Texas chose to honor Pride Month with a proclamation signed by Mayor Tammy Dana-Bashian
as well as lighting up a local water tower in different colors of the rainbow.

It’s pretty harmless symbolism that still sends a positive message of inclusivity and love.

No wonder conservative Christians are furious about it.

On Tuesday, during a meeting of the Rowlett City Council, a number of citizens demanded the proclamation be rescinded and the water tower stay one color (presumably like many of their churches).

“That does not speak for me and many, many others. We’re not wanting to hate anyone. We’re just wanting to strongly disagree with that lifestyle choice,” Cornerstone Church lead pastor Brian Hiatt said. “We’re here just to stand up and say, we’re better than this as a community and that we want our voice heard as well.”

… one resident asked, “What is the benefit of doing things like lighting up the tower with the rainbow flag?” He continued to say, “These are very sincerely held, deeply religious beliefs. That kind of lifestyle is immoral.”

Nothing says Christian love like a pastor claiming he totally doesn’t want to hate people, he just wants to make sure LGBTQ people feel unloved and unwanted because that’s what Jesus says.

When that sort of bigot is leading a church, then no, you’re not “better than this as a community.”

More to the point: The proclamation and lights are not anti-Christian. They’re anti-hate. It’s telling that some Christians can’t see the difference because the religion they practice promotes that hate.

The city council won’t decide anything until its next meeting — at the end of the month — so the whole issue may be moot by that point anyway, but let’s hope they don’t back down. At least the mayor doesn’t seem like she’s caving in anytime soon:

“This is a marginalized group that is in our community that has the right to be recognized and the right to be included and there is nothing to stand down about,” said Dana-Bashian.

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