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Pastor Kent Christmas (his actual name) of Regeneration Nashville has spent the past few months urging Christians to reject vaccines since God’s Law always overrides the law of man. He’s also rabidly anti-gay.

But his sermon on Sunday warranted criticism for a very different reason. (You can hear it beginning at the 1:55:25 mark here, but a clip is below.)

Christmas explained how he had recently received a letter from a 70-year-old man whose wife was severely injured in a tragic accident four years ago. (The man used the word “dead,” though that’s not accurate.) Since that accident, he explained, his wife has been in a “vegetative coma.” She’s technically living — not brain dead — but unable to do much of anything else. The devoted man can’t do anything about that, so he reads Bible verses about healing next to her bedside.

But that’s when Christmas explained why he received the letter. The man had asked Christmas to visit the wife in the hospital because “if you lay hands on her, God will raise her up.”

Christmas says in the clip: “I’m getting on a plane, and I’m flying to Florida, and I’m gonna go in and lay hands on her, and I believe that God is gonna raise her up by the power of the Lord.”

So the stakes are on the table. Christmas says he’s going to visit her and heal her from this incurable condition. Which means we’re all going to hear about this miracle very soon, and medical journals will be publishing all kinds of research articles about how this could possibly have happened, and it’ll be headline news throughout the world!

I mean… unless something comes up and he can’t visit her.

Or the attempted miracle fails.

Or Christmas is just lying about all this.

But none of that will happen, right? Faith alone should fix this woman’s problems even though years of science haven’t been able to help. I guess atheists everywhere will be changing their minds very soon.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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