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Kate Hefley Dalley is a radio host, devout Mormon, and someone who’s very very tired of LGBTQ people getting soooooo much attention for their alleged victimhood.

Really, she says, people promoting the gay agenda need to just “get over it.” It’s 2019. She’s fine with gay people, so why are they so angry?!

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Dear LGBTQ Community:

Can we all just be honest? I’m getting so tired of this.

The perpetual victim thing has got to stop. Your claims of getting fired from every job, beaten up every time you leave the house, everyone hating on you and being thrown out of every home rental — please show me the news reports where this is ACTUALLY happening to you. No data anywhere backs this up for decades. Individual cases here and there does not mean it’s happening to you personally on a daily basis.

Hurt feelings is not “abuse”. “Disapproval” is not “hatred”. Stop painting a picture that you are abused daily because you are gay in 2019. (If a landlord doesn’t rent to you — maybe it’s not because you are gay but maybe you have a horrible track record with rentals — it happens to many people and has nothing to do with their sexuality. Don’t make someone bake a cake or take a wedding photo of you. Stop making people do stuff they don’t want to do. You will find people who will do stuff for you — I promise. America was never supposed to be about coercion).

Just finally admit it.

It’s not about “love”.

It’s about changing the majority’s value system in this country so people won’t judge you — even silently disapprove. You want everyone to be happy about your lifestyle. And not just be happy about it, but cheer it on. Because you don’t want to feel bad about it. We get it. But that might not ever happen. Not everyone in life is happy with all of my choices. And I didn’t fall apart and claim that everyone wasn’t “inclusive” enough. Get over it.

I’m not anti gay — I’m just not pro-LGBTQ. There’s a huge difference.

I have gay friends and always have throughout my life.

Just be honest. Don’t wrap it in “love”. Or “awareness” ( The entire planet is well aware) or suicide prevention ( because the numbers are literally based on bad 1940’s Kinsey data and suicide rates are not higher for gay teens).

Let this be a lesson to you, kids: You can be a heartless, ignorant bigot and get your own radio show. At least in conservative media.

Her entire screed reads like a white guy screaming, “I don’t own slaves, so stop blaming me for racism! I’m not racist! Now stop trying to take away my Confederate flag!”

Dalley doesn’t realize that her beliefs — and her religion — have prevented LGBTQ people from doing their “thing.” They can’t just go through life because religious conservatives deny them that opportunity whenever possible. And when they celebrate at pride parades, it’s about so much more than sex. It’s about perseverance. It’s about the awareness that being “out” is still tough in parts of the country because of people like Dalley. It’s about celebrating the rights they have now, only after hard-fought battles and a handful of major legal victories.

It’s almost useless to respond point by point to Dalley because she spouts so much ignorance. (She probably doesn’t understand what LGBTQ people want because, I assure you, she doesn’t actually have gay friends. She just thinks she does.)

She contradicts herself repeatedly, though. She wants LGBTQ people to stop shoving their sexual orientation or gender identity in everyone’s faces, then says, “Don’t make someone bake a cake or take a wedding photo of you.” Getting treated like everyone else, Dalley implies, is asking for too much.

She says “do what you want, sleep with whomever you want and do your thing.” It’s fine with her! Only to admit, a few sentences later, that “the majority’s value system” involves judging them and disapproving of them. She’s unable to connect the dots between private disgust and public policy. (Can’t blame her. There are two dots! That’s way too complicated a puzzle for her.)

I obviously can’t speak for LGBTQ people, but it seems safe to say they would love to just get on with their lives. It would be nice to live in a world where a pride parade was unnecessary. Unfortunately, religious conservatives in power have made it all but impossible to do that. Each week now seems to include a new attack on same-sex adoption rights, or military bans on transgender troops, or conservative court decisions that deny basic humanity to LGBTQ people.

None of that matters to Dalley because she’s doing just fine. Therefore everyone else should be doing just fine. Forget walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. She won’t even try on a sandal.

What a despicable thing to write.

What an embarrassment to project that much confidence on a topic she knows nothing about.

What a coward to shut off public comments just in case someone tries to correct her.

What arrogance to trash people whose struggles she can’t possibly understand while assuming she’s not part of the problem.

As expected, Dalley is already responding to the backlash with more denial that she did anything wrong. (Her gay friends are totally on her side, she insists.)

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