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What percent of the government would you say is part of a Satanic pedophilia ring?

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin puts the number above 30%. Because that’s what her investigative reporting tells her, as she explained on Dave Hodges’ hilariously named The Common Sense Show last week.


Crokin said that the average person simply cannot comprehend the fact that “one third of the government” is part of a satanic Illuminati cult that sexually abuses, kills and eats children, but “that’s what these people do.”

“The raping of children and the drinking of blood, this is a ritual they do, this is their religion, this is how they believe they obtain power,” she said. “That is very hard for people to believe, but we did learn from the [John] Podesta emails, that is exactly what is going on.”

“That’s very hard for the public to process,” Crokin said, “so President Trump and his people understand that they can’t just come out one day and be like, ‘Oh hey, one third of the government is raping children and sacrificing them and drinking their blood and they’re satanists.’ You just can’t drop that bomb on people; people can’t process that information like that, they need it in doses, they need to be conditioned. So what we have going on behind the scenes is that … the Trump administration is slowly trying to condition the public and try to prepare them for what’s about to go down.

David Fahrenthold, she is not.

I can’t believe this even needs to be debunked… but when Crokin refers to the Podesta emails supposedly revealing all this, she’s referring to an email unearthed by WikiLeaks that mentioned something called “Spirit Cooking.” Not only did Hillary Clinton not participate in that email thread, the phrase itself doesn’t mean what the conspiracy nuts think it does.

There’s no evidence of government-sponsored pedophilia, or child sacrifice, or blood-drinking, or Satanic activity. There sure as hell isn’t any evidence that Donald Trump‘s administration is competent enough to slow-play the reveal of all this. (As the joke goes, if the government was covering up the existence of aliens, Trump would surely have tweeted it out by now.)

What’s sad is that there are swaths of the country willing to believe all this because Democrats are the accused party. But just because someone calls herself an investigative reporter doesn’t means she’s done any investigating or reporting.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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