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Matt Powell, the hate-preacher and Creationist who appears to have dedicated his life to making atheists look smart, has done it again. Fresh off of his humiliating videos claiming scientists believe in surfing monkeys and that dinosaurs farted themselves into extinction, he’s back with a new ludicrous claim.

Powell says — in complete sincerity, mind you — that evolution is the most “racist religion.”

YouTube video

(Just in case that link disappears, here’s a mirror.)

How does he know this? Stick with me here because his argument is ignorance piled atop ignorance.

1) Evolution promotes “survival of the fittest.” (No.)
2) Evolution says “we evolved from African Americans.” (Wut.)
3) But now there are “other Americans.” (Not quite.)
4) But there are still African Americans. (Yes.)
5) So what about the “African Americans that are still alive today”? (Huh?)
6) Therefore, racism. (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

It’s almost impressive how much stupid he packs into a one-minute video…

Survival of the fittest” isn’t even a Darwin original. But it doesn’t mean whatever Powell thinks it means. Evolution doesn’t promote genocide. It’s a way of explaining how natural selection works.

We did not evolve from “African Americans.” America didn’t exist until relatively recently. The people in Africa are Africans, not “African Americans.”

But okay. Let’s say that’s a mistake. It happens. What he means to say is that human evolution primarily occurred in Africa. But the fact that there are now people on other continents does not mean we are some kind of different species. No one is saying that. That’s not how it works. We are still the same species. Powell does not seem to understand this.

Yes, there are still “African Americans.” (By which he means “Africans.”) That’s expected. That’s not against evolution. People move (or are taken away against their will!) all the time throughout history. The fact that people still live in places others used to live doesn’t mean evolution is broken.

By the way, those people didn’t just leave Africa to go to “America.” They went to other places too. Many stayed in Africa. Neither of those group are “other Americans.”

So… what about the “African Americans that are still alive today”? Indeed. What about them?

Matt Powell put all of his dumbest ideas in a blender and came out with RACISM. It’s not just wrong, it’s more proof that he doesn’t understand the very basics of the theory he’s dedicated his life to challenging. Meanwhile, he’s a conservative Christian who presumably votes for politicians who actively support racist laws.

But scientists are the racist ones, apparently. When you’re that deluded, any conclusion can be justified.

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.