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Right-wing Christian activist Dave Daubenmire, who recently said Dr. Anthony Fauci was an “emissary of the devil” whose mission it was to destroy Christians, just launched a new group called The Christian Revolution (with fellow conspiracy theorist Sherri Tenpenny) meant to back right-wing causes.

That in itself isn’t all that newsworthy. What’s bizarre is that Daubenmire wants to raise $100 million to fund his new group in the very first month… and he has a foolproof plan to get the money: He’s just going to accuse large companies of being anti-Christian, then demand they pay up in order to make amends.

“This isn’t some fly-by-night, flimsy little thing we’re doing,” Daubenmire said. “This is big. And one of the directions we’re going to go as well is we’re gonna find out everybody that gave money to [Black Lives Matters]. Every major business donor that gave money to BLM, we’re going to go ask them about their office of diversity: ‘Aren’t Christians diverse? You’re giving money to BLM; are you giving any money to any Christian causes? Are you guys anti-Christ? Aren’t Christians part of the diversity plan and the diversity movement?’”

“We’re going to badger those folks into funding our war,” he added. “That’s our plan. We’re going to put this money in the hands of warriors. And I’m believing that 30 days from today, we’re going to have $100 million. The left will never know what hit him.”

That’s… not how you raise money. Companies give to good causes because it’s important to their customers and it invites good PR. There’s no benefit to giving to people representing the most prominent religion in America — and specifically to the type of Christians who use their platforms to hurt and slander already oppressed groups.

Daubenmire isn’t a victim of anything. He’s the problem.

There. I found a $100 million hole in his plan.

But just to be safe, I’ll make a note to check back in a few weeks and see how that plan is working out.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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