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Dave Silverman of American Atheists interviewed the controversial Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, Edwina Rogers, and he gets right into the issues people have been talking about online:

7:29 : Dave asks her to justify the Republican politicians she’s worked for: On social policies, they’re the “bad guys,” right?! Rogers acknowledges that the GOP has indeed shifted hard to the right when it comes to the social trends, but says that she was never involved on those issues and the politicians never asked her about them.
10:50: Dave asks about Rogers’ donation to the Rick Perry campaign. “Did you ever pray for rain?” No, says Rogers with a laugh.
13:30: Dave asks about the cognitive dissonance in supporting Republican policies while being socially liberal. (“There is no perfect elected official,” says Rogers)
19:38: Rogers: “I think secular values are American values.”
21:25: What’s the future of the Secular Coalition for America?
25:53: Dave asks Rogers about some of the laws she’d like to see passed. Rogers stumbles here more than I would like. She offers the example of ending discrimination based on religious beliefs and sexual orientation, and passing anti-bullying laws that protect atheists who are bullied in school… without trampling over people’s free speech rights. But there’s no mention of ending religious exemptions for people who kill their children because they prayed for their health to improve instead of taking them to a doctor. There’s no mention of ending or limiting the power of The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Those items should be rolling off her tongue.
Was there anything else that stood out to you?
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