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One of the top posts on Reddit yesterday was this image reportedly taken at the 2018 Philippine Pride Parade. It shows a group of Christians apologizing to the LGBTQ community.

Filipino Christians apologize to the LGBT community during the Philippine Pride Parade 2018 from r/pics

Their “I’M SORRY” signs say things like “… for hiding behind religion when really I was just scared” and “… for judging you” and “… I’ve rejected and hurt your family in the name of ‘family values.'”

All of that sounds lovely and kind and humane. Some of the top comments include people saying it’s “legitimately Christ-like” and that these “are the REAL Christians.”

But don’t get suckered in by that. It’s all well and good that these people are saying they’re sorry. They have a lot to be sorry about. Still, you should ask yourself several questions when you look at that picture:

  • Are they saying they support same-sex marriage?
  • Do they think it’s okay for same-sex couples to adopt children?
  • Do they think homosexuality is a sin?
  • Do they think two guys having sex is inherently more sinful than if a man and a woman were doing it?

I don’t see those answer on their banners. As far as I’m concerned, that’s because they know their answers to those questions would contradict everything their banners say, but they’re trying to cover it up.

So if you ever see people holding a sign like this, ask them if they support marriage equality. Ask them if their church supports marriage equality. Ask them if Christian bakers should sell gay couples the same wedding cakes they sell straight couples.

And don’t hug them or praise them unless their answers are right. Don’t give them credit for views they don’t hold.

On the flip side, Christians who want to “apologize” to the LGBTQ community should hold signs that say things like, “I’m sorry for judging you, and I fully support your civil rights.” Don’t leave out the most important part of the statement.

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