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During an interview last week with North Dakota’s WZFG on the show “What’s On Your Mind?,” Eric Trump claimed that his father single-handedly rescued Christianity.

He’s literally saved Christianity. I mean, there’s a full-out war on faith in this country by the other side. I mean, the Democratic Party, the far left has become the party of the quote-unquote “atheist.” I mean, they want to attack Christianity, they want to close churches, they want to, you know, they’re totally fine keeping liquor stores open, but they want to close churches all over the country…

That’s a lot of dumb coming from a guy who has never been accused of being the smart one in the family.

To be clear, atheists don’t run the Democratic Party. There’s literally one open atheist in Congress. That’s it. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, as are scores of Democratic leaders, and the highest ranking Democrats in elected office are all religious. There’s no war on faith from the left; there are people of many faiths and no faith in the working coalition.

The idea that Democrats are anti-God is, like caravans from Mexico, a fictional bogeyman that Republicans use to scare gullible voters.

(Even if we did run the Democratic Party, so what?! What’s the problem? Too much reason? Too much reliance on science? Too many people receiving help from the government?)

Atheists are not fighting to shut down churches. Sensible Democrats are, however, trying to contain the spread of the virus by making sure people aren’t gathering indoors, in close proximity, unless it’s for a limited time and absolutely necessary. It’s not like white evangelical churches are shut down while progressive churches in identical buildings get to stay open. Blockading church doors is nowhere on the Atheist Agenda, I assure you.

Eric Trump is a liar. He’s a Christian liar. He’s a Christian liar who once said coronavirus would “magically” disappear. That was after the American death toll had reached nearly 90,000.

By the way, Melania Trump is the woman who was caught on tape saying, “Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff?”

And if Trump saved Christianity, Eric should explain why it needed saving. It was never under attack. There was never any doubt about its continued existence. It’s actually a slap in the face to Christians who practiced their faith just fine before Donald Trump‘s inauguration — as if there was something wrong with what they were doing.

If anything, Donald Trump has become an albatross around the necks of white evangelical Christians, who will have to spend the next several years reconciling their supposed “values” with their support of a cruel, ignorant, bigoted buffoon who had no redeeming qualities. Trump is the guy who had to tear gas protesters and borrow a Bible for a photo op outside a church he doesn’t even attend. If your faith leads you to worship a bumbling tyrant, the message is clear: Wise people should run the hell away from that religion.

Saying Trump saved Christianity is like saying Trump saved the Republican Party: If you needed a guy like him to rescue you, there was nothing worth saving in the first place.

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Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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