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Christian evangelist Mario Murillo, who claimed earlier this year that God was exposing “woke-ism” in the church, is now completely losing it over a fictional bird promoting a life-saving vaccine.

He’s furious that Sesame Street recently aired a segment in which Big Bird, who’s canonically six years old, got his first vaccine shot. It was a way to show the audience that it’s not so scary after all, and you’ll be better off because of the shot. That’s a sensible message… unless you’re predisposed to condemn everything related to the vaccine.

This is the most demonic thing I’ve seen in a long time. The indoctrination of children. Giving an experimental thing to children… To me, this is the worst form of bullying and peer pressure that you can possibly use in society. And these adults, I don’t know if they have a conscience or not, because the question of children is going to be the defeating force of the Left. It’s what’s going to getcha. If you’re a leftist, please look at me — you know, the funny part is, I can tell you this, and you’re still gonna go down that [pernicious] road and make that hideous mistake…

… There’s going to be a line drawn by parents. And they’re gonna switch this off, and you’re gonna watch this… firestorm. Because once you make it about the children, that’s when all of the left, right, Republican, Democrat labels go out the window. If you come after my child, I am done with you. I’m finished with you. And that’s what you’re going to see, is the end result of this attempt by Sesame Street to indoctrinate children and their parents

I can’t believe I’m saying this: When it comes to who I trust more for scientific facts, I’m with the Bird.

It’s one thing to disagree with the strategy Sesame Street is using to get children comfortable with vaccinations. But to call it “the worst form of bullying” is downright laughable — especially coming from someone who actively promoted Donald Trump.

He actually makes a fair point about parents of all stripes doing everything in their power to protect their children. But for responsible parents, getting their kids vaccinated is the way to protect them. Saying the vaccine is experimental is like mocking gravity for being a theory. There’s more than enough proof of its efficacy. And let’s face it: No amount of scientific support is going to get anti-vaxxers to change their mind for that reason. (It hasn’t worked for climate change or evolution, either.)

Conservatives may call themselves “pro-life,” but it’s liberals who are showing a lot more concern for protecting children from contracting and spreading a virus that’s already killed over 760,000 people (and counting). Children may have a greater chance of survival without the vaccine, but it’s not a guarantee. And we’re still learning about the long-term effects of catching COVID, something that will impact countless people who get the virus.

It’s also revealing that Murillo is furious today about Big Bird promoting the vaccine when he’s said nothing up to this point about Big Bird getting the measles vaccine nearly 50 years ago.

When vaccines aren’t politicized, it’s tough to get upset about them because the benefits are so obvious.

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