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Evangelist Joyce Meyer has some very important advice for Christians: Stop thinking. Don’t do it. Reason is your enemy.

And also, her two-year-old grandson is a faith healer, so save your money so the family grifting can continue well into the future.

At least that’s my takeaway from a recent sermon she delivered:

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Stop trying to get hold of God with your head. It’s a heart thing. You got to see what’s in your heart. As soon as you get into reasoning, you’re going to have trouble believing. You need to come like a little child.

Just like a little child and believe Him. Just believe.

My great-grandson, who’s two, his mother’s back was hurting really bad last week… She was hurting so bad, she was laying on the bed crying. And he went up to her. Jeremiah. Two years old. Put his hand on her. Said, “Jesus, Mommy, ouchie, amen.”

And her back quit hurting!

It’s bullshit advice, obviously. Joyce Meyer isn’t about to trade in her insurance and future doctors’ visits for the healing touch of a toddler. That’s because healing isn’t real. It’s in your head.

At least she’s right about one thing: If you’re as gullible and illogical as a two-year-old, you might very well believe that people possess magical powers. But the second you actually start thinking about it, Christianity’s not going to make any sense.

Huh. Maybe she does know what she’s talking about.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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