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Self-described “prophet” Robin Bullock isn’t sorry for being wrong about [*checks notes*] every single one of his Trump-related predictions.

Like the true humble prophet that he is, he’s doubling down on the Big Lie while insulting his critics… and he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s really criticizing himself.

“Apologize. Go ahead and apologize.” Well, no! How about that? Just so you can hear me again, NO! Because you are wrong.

If this had no meaning to it and no prophet standing speaking today was — if they were all wrong, why don’t it go away? How come it hasn’t ever faded away? How come it’s still a fight over that election? If it was wrong, and it wasn’t true, then why are we still debating all of this?

Folks, it would have already passed. You keep your doctrines… but I’ll tell you what: You are going to answer for trying to regulate the Lord’s prophets. You with your big… educations.

You’re going to answer for trying to regulate a prophet of the Lord, and telling a prophet of the Lord that what God said was not true but what you said is true. You’re in trouble. You’re in trouble now.

Why is there still a fight over who won the election? Because many Republicans are sore losers who have tried to keep their lie alive in the hopes that something will overcome reality. That’s it. Case closed. The “debate” isn’t happening because new evidence ever comes to light. But people like Bullock have a lot to gain from perpetuating the Big Lie, so they keep spreading it.

But at least he understands that his critics are people with “big… educations.” He’s not trying to win over the educated. Just the gullible. The people who won’t ask questions. The people who won’t challenge him. That’s his base.

As for “regulating” prophets, who knows what that means. But history shows that unchecked leaders with no accountability are rarely sound or stable. “Prophets” like Bullock aren’t just a source of humor for atheists and other non-Christians, but an embarrassment to discerning Christians who have the audacity to question why Bullock’s God never seems to challenge or disagree with him.

On the contrary, Bullock’s God always seems to endorse the same candidates as Bullock. Doesn’t that seem at least a bit suspicious to his audience?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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