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A pastor’s wife nearly shot another pastor’s wife outside of a West Virginia church, all because of a fight that escalated over one husband’s T-shirt.

And with that, someone just won West Virginia Christian Bingo.

Melinda Frye Toney and Earl Toney

The incident took place in May outside of New Life Apostolic Church in Oak Hill. But only recently was Melinda Frye Toney charged with “reckless endangerment” for firing her gun and nearly injuring Lori Haywood.

[Fayette Sheriff’s Detective Kevin] Willis said the two ministers’ spouses had tension over a “minor conflict” and that an argument over a themed T-shirt that Haywood had worn to an event was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

I must not be having the right fights, because I can’t recall one that led to breaking out a weapon when my nemesis mentioned a shirt…

We never actually learn what the root of this conflict is, though all sides were quick to reject the theory that an affair was involved.

Haywood told The Register-Herald on Wednesday that, during the meeting, she had “called out” what she said were dishonest statements by Toney.

“We had a disagreement, and when we sat down to talk, I called her out,” said Haywood. “And she lost it.”

Detective Willis and Haywood both reported that the fired shot had nothing to do with romantic relationships.

That, frankly, leaves me with even more questions…

It didn’t help that Toney had a permit to carry a concealed weapon (which may now be revoked). We also have no clue if they reconciled their differences. So for all we know, if one of the guys wears the wrong headband, this fight will be taken to the next level. Maybe Jesus can be the referee.

Or maybe, next time, Toney will just turn the other cheek.

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