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Since she was first elected in 2016, Florida State Rep. Kim Daniels (a Democrat) has ranted against witches, pushed for “In God We Trust” signs to be placed in public schools, thanked God for slavery, and claimed to cure someone’s cancer with a CD of Bible verses. This past January, she prefiled a bill to force schools to offer Bible classes.

But when Florida officially opens its legislative session next Tuesday, Daniels won’t be around. She’s taking the day off… to appear on Pat Robertson‘s The 700 Club.

These aren’t even live segments. They’re being taped. She could’ve done them anytime — or remotely — but instead, she chose to skip Day One of the legislative session to record the interview.

Even worse? She had to request permission from the House Speaker to skip that day, and there’s a record of it.

Church/state separation advocates often call out legislators who promote religion through the government — and Daniels certainly does that — but this may be the first time I’ve heard of a lawmaker promoting religion over government. It’s as if Daniels only cares about her title as an elected official, not the responsibilities that come with it.

At what point do voters put her out of her misery, vote her out of office, and let her be a full-time snake-oil saleswoman? Because right now, all taxpayers are getting for their money is someone who would rather hang out with Pat Robertson than working on their behalf.

A.G. Gancarskion, a Florida politics writer, can’t make sense of it either.

It is unclear why Daniels, an ordained minister, could not have recorded these CBN News segments before the Session’s start date.

In a voicemail, Daniels’ aide Juanita Dixon noted that the lawmaker is “fasting, praying, and seeking the Lord’s guidance” ahead of the appearance next week.

Is that supposed to impress us? Who cares? She can pray and fast and talk to her imaginary friend on her own time. By skipping work, she’s not brushing up on legislation, meeting with constituents, or learning about issues that she may have to vote on.

It’s a complete disservice to Floridians.

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Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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