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This will shock you: Evangelist Franklin Graham isn’t taking the sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh seriously. It’s not even that he doesn’t believe the victim; he just thinks alleged rape is just something The Kids do, and Kavanaugh totally backed off after she said no because he’s a respectful guy.

He made the ignorant remarks to the Christian Broadcasting Network:

When questioned about the message that such a view sends to sexual abuse victims Graham said, “Well, there wasn’t a crime committed. These are two teenagers and it’s obvious that she said no and he respected it and walked away.

Graham then noted that Kavanaugh has denied the accusation. “He just flat out says that’s not true. Regardless if it was true, these are two teenagers and she said no and he respected that so I don’t know what the issue is.”

Is he actively lying or does he care so little about an alleged abuse victim that he didn’t even bother reading a damn thing about her story…?

Just so we’re all clear, this is what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford actually said. Note how Kavanaugh supposedly reacted after she clearly wasn’t interested:

She alleges that Kavanaugh — who played football and basketball at Georgetown Prep — held her down with the weight of his body and fumbled with her clothes, seemingly hindered by his intoxication. Judge stood across the room, she said, and both boys were laughing “maniacally.” She said she yelled, hoping that someone downstairs would hear her over the music, and Kavanaugh clapped his hand over her mouth to silence her.

At one point, she said, Judge jumped on top of them, and she tried unsuccessfully to wriggle free. Then Judge jumped on them again, toppling them, and she broke away, she said.

She said she locked herself in the bathroom and listened until she heard the boys “going down the stairs, hitting the walls.” She said that after five or 10 minutes, she unlocked the door and made her way through the living room and outside. She isn’t sure how she got home.

Her yelling — much less saying no — didn’t stop him from trying to cover up her mouth, she claims. But in Graham’s view, I guess, it’s not attempted rape if she can’t say no.

It’s not surprising that a man who defends Donald Trump at every turn, no matter how many pussies he grabs, is quick to defend a right-wing judge accused of his own sexual improprieties. This is what modern white evangelical has become — there’s no empathy, no justice, no compassion. It’s just an absolute knee-jerk defense of any white guy accused of anything as long as he pushes a Christian agenda.

Graham added that he made mistakes as a kid, too:

Graham told CBN News that his own life experiences have shaped his view. “There’s a lot of things that I’ve done when I was a teenager that I’m certainly ashamed of and not proud of,” he said. “And if we’re going to hold people accountable for things that they did 40 years ago and say whether it’s relevant or not relevant.”

If Graham wants to confess to assaulting a woman when he was younger, I’m all ears. But he’s referring to drinking and smoking, not a crime that involves an innocent victim. How does he not understand the difference?

Maybe someone needs to give Graham a lesson in morality and consent since his Bible obviously isn’t making a damn bit of difference.

By the way, the CBN News article about this conversation describes Graham as a “humanitarian” in the same sentence in which they say he’s treating the assault allegations as “irrelevant.” Talk about some cognitive dissonance…

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