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Lauren Witzke, the failed Senate candidate from Delaware who now promotes right-wing conspiracy theories, has taken on a new role as a full-blown white supremacist. Speaking on a program aptly titled “No White Guilt,” she whined about how her “heritage” is being “destroyed by animals.”

White Christian males, or white straight males, are the most persecuted class — demographic — in the United States of America right now, especially in the work force…

The anti-white system that advocates for us, for people like us, to not have a voice, to not have any rights, like, kind of considering us second-class citizens that don’t deserve rights, is what they kind of try to treat us as, they think the system, the anti-white system, is gonna spare them, too, and it is not. This anti-white system, it’s coming for all of us.

People are starting to notice, more and more, that every commercial is trying to push some kind of degeneracy on you, something anti-white on you… if you haven’t noticed. I mean, everybody is starting to notice.

It’s all part of a giant humiliation ritual. That’s what it was when they took down our historical monuments: It was a humiliation ritual. Oh, your heritage? Everything you’re proud of? We’re gonna give it away and hand it over to these animals and let them take it, tear it down, vandalize it right in front of you, and we’re not gonna do anything about it. You know, that’s what it is. It’s meant to demoralize you as a person.

There’s a lot to unpack there. We could start with the false claim that white straight Christian men have it harder than literally everybody else. (At the very least, I’m sure that the surviving families of unarmed Black men who were needlessly killed by police have something to say about that one.)

We could also go with how many of the white people who claim to “not have any rights” are the same people working to suppress votes, gerrymander red states, and block LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws.

Or we could go with how the commercials pushing “degeneracy” in their minds always seem to be harmless ads that depict a same-sex couple merely existing.

Or how about how Witzke thinks her “heritage” is tied up in monuments of slaveowners and supremacists that don’t deserve to be placed on a pedestal? There shouldn’t be anything humiliating about those monuments coming down unless you think those monsters represent the best people in your lineage. Which, in these cases, isn’t saying much. If that demoralizes you, then you weren’t a moral person to begin with.

As the saying goes, when you’re so used to being in the majority, the push for equality can feel like oppression.

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