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During a service this morning at hate-preacher Greg Locke‘s Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, guest pastor Mark Burns took the stage to rile up the crowd with right-wing propaganda.

Burns, as I mentioned earlier this week, is the résumé-padding, culture war-obsessed MAGA cultist liar now running for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District.

Which is to say: He knows his crowd. This is his base. So after spreading lies about how trans women are trying to sneak into women’s bathrooms, the crowd began chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” — conservative code for “Fuck Joe Biden” — and Burns reveled in it.

He even held his microphone up to the crowd to amplify their profanity before saying, “Global, I feel like I’m in the right church today. I’m in the right church. Global, I’m in the right church today.”

This is what many churches are becoming now: MAGA rallies under a different name.

And many conservative pastors refuse to call it out for what it is because they’re no better than these guys and they don’t want to alienate their right-wing congregations.

Just imagine what the reaction would be if a Democratic candidate for national office led a chant of “Fuck Trump” in front of a church crowd. You know as well as I do it wouldn’t be ignored. And yet I’d bet good money that Burns’ actions here won’t get any coverage at all. This behavior is just what we’ve come to expect from conservative Christians. They’re thoughtless, cruel people who have no intellectual arguments for their positions. Their entire identity is wrapped up in how much hate they can spew about other people.

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