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Republican lawmaker and conspiracy theorist Lauren Boebert is a Christian Nationalist who has used her government role to spread the gospel while doing nothing useful for her constituents.

That hit a fever pitch over the weekend when she appeared at a Christian conference sponsored by Andrew Wommack‘s Truth & Liberty Coalition.

She told the audience at Charis Bible College to pray to God to install only fellow conservative Christians in office — because everyone else is the “enemy.” Even worse, she said churches shouldn’t be taking any orders from the government, as if the religious nature of churches makes them immune to things like COVID restrictions that affect all Americans.

“What if Jesus showed up today and said, ‘From this point forward, everything you say you will have it’?” Boebert asked rhetorically. “He said it! That’s exactly what he said to us. So, what are we saying? Are we going to sit and agree with the enemy? Are we going to agree with what the enemy is doing? Are we going to sit back and complain and murmur? Or are we going to speak life into this nation? Are we going to speak victory? Are we going to declare that God removes these unrighteous politicians, these corrupt, crooked politician, and installs righteous men and women of God?

“You have the God kind of faith, and that faith speaks,” she added. “That faith speaks to mountains, those impossible, immovable situations, and I think there’s some mountains they need to hear your voice. … It’s time the church speaks up. The church has relinquished too much authority to government. We should not be taking orders from the government; the government needs to be looking at the church and saying, ‘How do we do this effectively?‘”

As usual, everything she says is wrong.

In Boebert’s mind, Democrats who are Christian — 175 House members and 35 senators — just don’t count. They’re not Real Christians™. They’re the “enemy.” The irony is that the most corrupt, crooked, conspiracy-driven, do-nothing Congress members are Boebert and her right-wing allies. Their Christian faith doesn’t pose any conflict with their ability to lie or spur violence.

As for the authority bit, religious institutions have far too much leniency right now. With the help of a right-wing judiciary, they’ve been able to evade many sensible COVID restrictions, allowing the virus to spread further and causing more death and suffering. All in the name of Jesus.

By the way, at the end of her speech, Wommack asked her to deliver a prayer, and… it’s as ridiculous as you’d expect. It’s Boebert claiming she’s been “pleading the blood” over every seat in Congress, that there are angels posted “on assignment” in the White House, and that we need to “unwoke these generals” in the military.

Imagine Rep. Ilhan Omar delivering an Islamic version of this prayer — and the ensuing right-wing meltdown — and you can understand why Boebert’s theocratic fantasies are so disturbing. Or perhaps what’s disturbing is that those prayers went virtually unnoticed over the weekend because we’re so used to Christian Nationalists merging faith and government like the radicals of other religions whom they despise.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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