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It would be wrong, obviously, to say all Muslims support acts of terrorism done in the name of their faith. If anything, moderate Muslims are trying hard to have their perspectives amplified because they often feel drowned out by more extremist voices.
Former Colorado State Rep. and current Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt takes a very different view of the situation. He said on a recent episode of his “Pray In Jesus Name” show that the only reason moderate Muslims weren’t violent was because they were influenced by the Christian God.

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While claiming that violent radical Islamists are following “the false god of Allah,” Klingenschmitt insisted that moderate Muslims are not violent only because “they are listening to some kind of spirit that is telling them to act with peace toward their neighbor, to act with love toward their neighbor, to act with kindness toward their neighbor.”
Moderate Muslims are “rebels against their own false religion,” Klingenschmitt said, “and in that way, I’m going to suggest to you that even these nonbelievers, these non-Christians, are listening to the spirit of the true God because our God is a God of love, our God is a God of peace, our God is a God of justice. And even if they are not yet saved and not yet Christian and not yet worshiping God the Father in Jesus’ name, they are being influenced by Him.”

Besides the absurdity of calling devout Muslims “nonbelievers” because they’re not Christians, Klingenschmitt wrongly assumes that people who are peaceful, kind, and decent are only that way because of his faith. Bullshit. There’s no shortage of violence in the Bible coming directly from God — even Jesus had fits of anger.
The world doesn’t revolve around Christianity. If anything, Christianity has been tamed by the forces of secularization over the course of several centuries, just like every other religion.
You don’t need God to be good. You never have. But God sure as hell makes some people downright awful.
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