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Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke proved yet again that he cares more about trashing liberals than acknowledging truth in a massive self-own yesterday defending Twitter’s latest “main character” Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer best known for spreading misogyny and alpha male arrogance online.

On Tuesday, Tate tagged climate activist Greta Thunberg in a tweet explaining how he had 33 cars with “enormous emissions.” He asked for her email address so he could send her a full list of them, presumably to show just how badly he was hurting the environment.

Thunberg, who has years of experience dealing with online trolls, clapped back where it hurt him the most, suggesting he had “small dick energy.”

All of that already made for a glorious social media spectacle. But on Thursday, things got far more serious when Tate and his brother Tristan (both British citizens) along with four other men were arrested by Romanian officials for alleged human trafficking.

In the statement, [the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism] says it has identified six people sexually exploited by the group, outlining a so-called “loverboy” scheme where the British citizens would pretend to have a romantic relationship with the victims, transport them to Romania, and then use a combination of physical violence and psychological manipulation to force the victims to create porn. According to local news outlet G4 (via The Daily Beast), the material was then sold online via sites like OnlyFans, bringing in money the suspects used to buy cars, houses, and cryptocurrency.

There were all kinds of rumors yesterday suggesting that a pizza box displayed in a response video Tate made to Thunberg gave away his location, but Romanian authorities haven’t confirmed that. There’s also good reason to believe there were other clues to his whereabouts and the Thunberg dustup was merely a coincidence.

Whatever the case, you would think someone like Greg Locke would celebrate the arrest of any alleged trafficker. After all, he’s spent years accusing social and political “elites” of the exact same crime.

And yet, after Andrew Tate was arrested, Greg Locke responded in knee-jerk fashion by claiming this was the result of right-wing persecution:

Andrew Tate was not arrested for publicly disagreeing with Thunberg. (Republican climate deniers do it all the time without consequence.) He was arrested for alleged sex trafficking. Even after that was repeatedly pointed out to Locke, he kept his false tweet up and refused to apologize for lying. It took several minutes before he added that Tate should be locked up if guilty, but even that was followed by a claim that supposed left-wing traffickers should be locked up too. (To which I can only say: sure, fine, do it.)

All of this is perfectly in character for him. He’s the shoot-first-ask-questions-later type of guy. Someone who will spread conspiracies without looking into the facts. Someone who accuses people of being witches without evidence. Someone who knows that conservative sheep prefer confident lies to humble apologies.

Greg Locke is far too cowardly and weak to ever apologize for spreading misinformation. The Jesus he worships doesn’t value honesty.

So even when someone gets arrested for the kind of crime Locke believes is the worst kind of abuse, his first reaction isn’t to celebrate justice. It’s to figure out a way his “team” can play the victim, all while spreading ignorance to his 125,000+ followers on Twitter… where he was likely banned earlier for (wait for it) sharing harmful lies.

For what it’s worth, Thunberg isn’t a “paid actor” and Tate didn’t even “disagree” with her; he was just being an asshole. Much like someone who purposely eats meat in front of a vegetarian for the sake of a reaction, Tate revels in cruelty, especially when he knows his actions might upset the victim. If justice prevails with his arrest, it’s that very mentality of not giving a damn who he hurts that could put him behind bars.

Yet conservatives like Locke won’t be at the front of the line celebrating that moment because, despite all their public proclamations, it was one of their guys who got caught. Even worse, it happened shortly after the King of Alpha Males was humiliated by a teenager. That right there is Locke’s nightmare.

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