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Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke is so damn loud that local officials in Wilson County, Tennessee are on the verge of adopting a noise ordinance to cap the decibel level coming out of Global Vision Bible Church.

For years now, Locke, the MAGA cultist best known for spreading conspiracy theories to an ever-growing group of extremely gullible Christians, has been holding services twice a week inside a large circus tent in Mount Juliet. The music is loud, the preaching is turned up to 11, and the more recent “deliverance” services lead to crowds of people whooping it up under the false belief that demons are being exorcised.

This Halloween, Locke plans to hold a massive book burning outside the tent. That won’t be a quiet affair either.

Whatever you think of their religious beliefs, living in that town is now akin to having an airport next door. When church is in session, you can’t go outdoors without hearing Locke or his acolytes screaming about something or another.

Earlier this week, the issue arose during the monthly meeting of the Wilson County Commission. No one mentioned Locke’s church by name… but Mike Owen, the Chief Deputy in the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, brought up the fact that during the month of September, his office received 41 noise complaints… 22 of which involved “a church down in [the] west end of the county.”

What’s in the western part of Wilson County? Let’s look at the map:

That would be Mt. Juliet.

It’s beyond obvious they’re discussing Locke’s church, but no one wanted to mention that during Monday’s meeting, perhaps out of fear of invoking his wrath. Local news reporter Justin McFarland clipped the relevant portion of the sermon on Twitter, though he also avoided mentioning the church’s name on TV to avoid any legal liability.

The commissioners who spoke up during the meeting, however, wondered if there was anything they could do to stop the problem without being accused of anti-Christian discrimination.

The obvious solution? Adopt a noise ordinance that would cap how loud anyone in the county could be. That would be a secular solution that applies to the church as much as anyone else.

Owen said he wasn’t the person to ask about such an ordinance’s legality, but he added, “I guarantee the… Sheriff’s Department, if we’re asked to… we will enforce any law or any ordinances by this Commission.”

You can’t get a bigger wink wink than that.

While the commissioners didn’t make any decision on moving forward this week, it looks like they’re eager to move in that direction. Commissioner Bobby Franklin noted that he can hear the church even though he lives “five miles” away. “It will rattle your windows of your car if you’re anywhere near this thing,” he said.

Maybe you’re wondering: How come I’m so confident that we’re talking about Locke’s church?

Because Locke himself admitted it.

When WZTV FOX 17 News posted McFarland’s segment on Facebook, Greg Locke himself chimed in to take credit for the noise… and pretending that this was just another example of Christian persecution.

Well, we will name the church for you because it’s our church. It’s Global Vision Bible Church and what they ARE NOT SAYING is that they can hear us because we meet in a giant tent. We have a deputy that takes noise readings multiple times a month and even if there was a sound ordinance, which there isn’t, we’re way below it. Here’s the facts, people hate us and have tried to shut us down for a long time. We’re not going away. We’re not intimidated and we’re not turning it down. The fact that we’ve grown by thousands of people is the Lord’s doing and not something we’re apologizing for…


So…. he admits it’s him. He admits they’re loud. He has proof they’re not loud. But even if they are loud, shut up because it doesn’t matter, and, oh, and by the way, HE’S VERY LOUD. 🔥🔥🔥

The fact that Greg Locke and his congregation meet in a giant tent wouldn’t be an excuse for making obscene levels of noise if a properly worded ordinance passed. In other places where churches have broken local laws like that, pastors have been punished with jail time.

Even if nothing comes of this threat, all of this is yet another sign of how little the Christian preacher cares about his own community. Locke is someone who actively discouraged people from getting vaccinated, which put his own congregation in harm’s way. He participated in the January 6th rally (though he insists he never went inside the Capitol and has not been charged with any related crime). He doesn’t care if his actions hurt other people; of course he’s not thinking twice about their eardrums.

Everything he does is about elevating himself. If physically harming his own community gets him more attention and gives him a chance to whine about persecution, he’ll take that opportunity every time.

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