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Last week, Christian Hate-Pastor Greg Locke, who runs Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, made a video denouncing masks that centered around his experience at Dunkin’, a coffee and donut chain with locations nationwide.

YouTube video

In that video, Locke whined about how he visited a Dunkin’ location while on vacation to ask for his favorite meal of the day: two medium coffees with “seven cream, five sugars in each one… yeah, I know, I got a problem.” But he was told to leave because he wasn’t wearing a mask. That set him off on a tirade that involved him screaming at a manager (“Nazi Skippy”), “I’m going to take these work boots, and I’m going to kick your teeth down your throat.”

Dunkin’ didn’t mention him specifically, but they soon after issued a mask mandate in all stores.

Yesterday, Locke “apologized” for anyone who took that violent comment the wrong way. I’m not posting a transcript because it goes on for a good 15 minutes, but this segment opens up with, “You know, I’m a very passionate person…” Which is just part of the standard abuser’s playbook.

YouTube video

He tells his congregation that people have taken him out of context to make him look bad… even though the video in question was his own creation and Locke never needs to be taken out of context to look bad. He doesn’t apologize for whining about the mask mandate. He doesn’t apologize for taking a stand against whatever the hell he’s mad about all the time.

He apologizes, at most, for letting that violent rhetoric take center stage when he didn’t really want to kick a man’s teeth down a man’s throat.

Here’s a theory: Locke says in the video that his daughter works at Dunkin’ and “they let my daughter work again at Dunkin’ Donuts even after the media fiasco.” So maybe all of this stems from him jeopardizing her job. Or maybe he worried that Dunkin’ would ban him from their stores, thus preventing him from his daily ritual of getting multiple cups of coffee which he very clearly can’t function without.

As recently as this morning, well after that livestream, he was still spreading conspiracy theories online, so nothing has truly changed.

He just fears Dunkin’ management more than he fears the wrath of God for lying. It’s that simple.

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