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During a service last week at hate-preacher Greg Locke‘s Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, guest pastor Mark Burns — a man best known for lying on his résumé and who’s now running for Congress — decided to cheer on the crowd after it began chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.”

You would think that’s just fine with Locke himself. But during a sermon over the weekend, Locke chastised his congregation for saying those words… before saying something arguably worse from the stage.

I have people mail me “Let’s Go, Brandon” shirts… I’m cool with it. I’ll wear it… But that nonsense should never have been chanted under this tent a few weeks ago. It doesn’t matter who started it, doesn’t matter who did it. It was an embarrassment to the body.

Listen, I’m all for the sentiment “Let’s Go Brandon.” Absolutely. I could care less what that demonic-possessed pedophile thinks about me and this church. Not “Brandon.” I know what it stands for. I’m cool, I can handle it… In this tent, leave it alone…

It’s all very out of character for Locke, who gave away the game right there.

Why is it okay for him to describe the president as a “demonic-possessed pedophile” (a very serious, and obviously baseless, charge), but not okay for his congregation to shout a euphemistic taunt? He never explains. (Nor does he seem to understand that “Let’s go Jesus” would probably mean something very different from what he’s intending…)

Truth be told, any church spending this much time deriding a politician from under a circus tent would arguably be an “embarrassment to the body” of Christ (and a great way to lose one’s tax-exempt status if the IRS ever got around to enforcing its own rules).

Locke’s rhetoric from the pulpit has been exponentially worse than anything his audience chanted weeks ago. If he thinks he’s the voice of reason here, there’s plenty of video evidence to the contrary. If he’s worried about his church being an embarrassment to Christianity, it’s way too late for that.

Locke’s entire brand revolves around mindless name-calling. If Burns hadn’t egged on the crowd that day, there’s no doubt Locke would’ve done it on another. Why is he so concerned about setting a good example after refusing to do it for years? He could always start, though, by encouraging his congregation to get vaccinated. He won’t. It’s not his style.

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