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There are two things you need to know about Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke.

1) Just this week, he chastised his own congregation for chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” a euphemism conservative Christians really love because they get to say “Fuck Joe Biden” while tricking God into thinking they’re not swearing. Locke said the phrase was an “embarrassment to the body” — a stain on his church, if you will.

2) Back in August, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol sent a record request to the National Archives asking for “all documents and communications” concerning the 2020 elections and a handful of people including, specifically, Greg Locke. Locke was present at the January 6 rally preceding the insurrection attempt — though he has consistently said he never went inside the Capitol and there’s no evidence to the contrary.

During a sermon last night, Locke mentioned that people were asking him if he’d personally been subpoenaed yet. Instead of telling them the truth, which is that there’s no reason to think he would be called to testify since he wasn’t a White House official or involved with planning the attacks, he pretended to be a willing martyr for the cause, begging to be subpoenaed.

I got a message today. It said, “Hey pastor, they just sent out their second round of investigation subpoenas for Nancy Pelosi’s”… whatever, Watch-Terror-Hitlist that I’m on… And somebody said, “Are you okay? Did you get your subpoena yet?”

I said “Nope… But I hope I do.” You hear me? I hope I do.

I can’t wait to sit up in the halls of justice, stand up to my feet, and, in the name of Jesus, rebuke that Jezebel demon baby-killing pedophile in the name of Jesus Christ on national TV.

Don’t you think I won’t do it! Yes I will! I rebuke ’em all in the name of Jesus!

Ain’t a bit scared. So FBI, I hope I get my subpoena soon. I been waiting.

It’s the sort of thing cowardly people say only when they know there’s no chance it will ever happen. It’s like picking a fight with someone who’s already walked away. Locke is quite literally pandering to wannabe insurrectionists.

Again, there’s no reason he’d be subpoenaed because, by his own admission, he wasn’t participating in or planning the attack. (I honestly have no reason to doubt him.) Even if he were subpoenaed, it wouldn’t necessarily be televised, and the FBI wouldn’t be interrogating him, and Pelosi isn’t even on the committee.

Suppose he did testify, though. There’s no way he’d be able to “stand up” to yell anything because his pants would be soaking wet by that point.

Finally, it’s fitting that the same guy who just this week said “Let’s Go Brandon” went too far is now freely condemning Pelosi using arguably worse language. Euphemisms are bad, but “Jezebel demon baby-killing pedophile” is just plain biblical, apparently…

He so desperately wants to be at the center of attention among his right-wing allies. For him, January 6 is nothing more than a missed opportunity. He wishes he had done more to get in trouble because he loves pretending to be persecuted.

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