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It’s normally a welcome sight when a Christian pastor has the guts to call out his own congregation for bad behavior. It would be nice if more pastors had that kind of courage!

But this isn’t what that looks like.

On Sunday, hate-preacher Greg Locke told the members of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee that they should never ever criticize him for turning church services into right-wing political rallies.

We got some people under this tent right now. You have the hardest time keepin’ your mouth shut about your church. So I’m gonna sit here for ’bout 15 seconds and just give you a chance to leave anytime you want to, ’cause we need your seat anyhow, you complainin’, judgmental Pharisee.

You can leave anytime you want to. I’m just gonna sit here for a minute and let you walk out. If you can call me out behind closed doors, why don’t you be man enough, put on your big boy pants, stand up and walk out right now in front of everybody, you coward!

… Turn this microphone up! I’m fired up! That’s a big tent door! You can leave anytime you want to! You critical hypocrite. You Pharisee. If you think I’m gonna stop just ’cause you want me to, you have lost your mind! I’m just getting started good.

I’m just now calling out Joe Biden! I’m just now preaching against the LGBTQ community. I’m just now calling out abortion. I’m just now talking about election fraud. I’m just now talking about Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. I’m just now calling out this wicked nonsense! You might as well leave while everybody’s clapping so nobody has to see you.

It’s hard to imagine members of a cult having the courage to call out the cult leader but lacking the courage to stay home on Sunday. And considering that one of the main reasons to criticize Locke is his anti-vaccination and anti-masking rhetoric, staying home would be the responsible thing for a critic to do.

It’s also amusing to hear Locke order the critics to leave because they’re not “man enough.” You would think “being a man” involves confronting those critics face-to-face, not telling them to leave because you’re too cowardly to address their concerns.

Locke doesn’t offer up any examples of church members calling him out anyway. For now, we should assume this is nothing more than a sad, pathetic man creating fictional enemies to fight against because he doesn’t have the guts to face real people.

Anyway, this is all hilarious coming from Locke, who once had to apologize to Dunkin’ (the coffee/donut place) for telling one of their managers he’d “kick your teeth down your throat” after the manager told Locke to leave their store for not wearing a mask inside. He couldn’t stand up to the people standing in front of him and his coffee, but he’s absolutely condemning the supposed church members criticizing him.

They wouldn’t even need to do much to piss him off. He’s not a fan of me at all, and all I do is quote the guy verbatim.

(via Right Wing Watch)

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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