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Over the weekend, during the right-wing, QAnon-loving, conspiracy-minded “ReAwaken America Tour,” hate-preacher Greg Locke gave one of his standard crazy-sermons full of violent metaphors and screaming Braveheart-style about how he would never close his church no matter what anyone says about COVID.

So I believe in loading the gospel Gatling gun. *pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop* Shoot ’em all in the name of God, amen? Ain’t nobody off limits!

They will be serving Frosties in the Lake of Fire before Pastor Greg Locke ever shuts down his local New Testament church because a demon-possessed buck-wild tyrannical government told him to!

Open the doors and open them wide, let King Jesus come inside! It’s time to open every church in America! Open the churches! Open the churches! Open the churches! Every one of them.

Yes, blow them shofars! This means war! This is our battle cry, church!

It’s a weird battle cry that calls for putting your own congregation in harm’s way because you’re too dumb to understand how a pandemic works.

And while his gun comment is merely rhetorical, imagine what the people in this audience would do if a prominent Muslim politician made a similar comment “in the name of Allah.” It’s inconceivable they would react by wanting to defend that person’s religious freedom.

These people are not interested in practicing Christianity. They’re only interested in forcing it upon everyone else. They say it out loud all the time, in violent terms, and lately in spite of local government restrictions meant to save lives… all because they think live-streaming their services in the midst of a deadly virus is a form of cowardice.

Unfortunately, the people who control their thinking are steering them off a cliff, spreading misinformation about the virus and making them think (wrongly) that they’re being attacked for their faith.

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