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In Maui, Hawaii, a church called King’s Cathedral and Chapels has seen a massive COVID outbreak with 55 infected people from that single cluster. It’s so alarming that the state’s Department of Health issued a public warning about it:

DOH does not disclose specific cluster locations unless there is an imminent risk to public health,” acting state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Kemble said in a news release Wednesday. “Based on the findings of our investigative team, we believe disclosure is warranted to prevent further transmission of the disease.”

Serious stuff. The DOH also asked the church to please cancel upcoming in-person events in order to stop the spread of the virus.

The church said no. Apparently, the Christians there don’t give a damn who dies as a result of their negligence. But it’s not just that the church only did the bare minimum — saying it would cancel an Easter production and an egg hunt, but not the church services themselves. Check out the batshit crazy justification the pastor gave for why he wouldn’t be closing down his COVID cave:

“The church serves as a very important beacon of hope for our community in Hawaii,” Senior Pastor James Marocco told The Maui News on Wednesday evening. “We have people who come in desperate need of our services and need help, encouragement and strength. We’re not going to stop doing our duty. I recall when the hospital was having horrible situations with COVID, they didn’t shut the hospital down. They did whatever they could to limit the spread and that’s what we’ve done.”

He’s comparing his church to a hospital. It’s the dumbest justification you will ever hear for why a church ought to stay open in the midst of a pandemic.

Since Marocco is too selfish to understand this, the hospital was designed to keep people alive who are suffering from the virus. His church is a place where healthy people are apparently catching the virus. That’s the difference. The hospital helps people; his church is actively hurting them.

Here’s where it gets even scarier. The church actually has several different campuses, but the largest one in Kahului will still have up to 1,000 people in the building this weekend. That’s lower than the maximum of 3,000 and permitted by CDC guidelines, but when there’s an outbreak so big that the state’s health officials feel the need to warn the public, a gathering that large is only going to lead to more unnecessary suffering.

We know that because that’s exactly what’s happened so far:

The Health Department said it first identified the cluster at King’s Cathedral on March 7 and met with church representatives on March 10 to recommend containment measures including isolation, quarantine and a switch to virtual services, among other preventative measures.

However, the department said it later detected further transmission related to ongoing in-person services, a youth conference and other gatherings. The cluster has doubled in the past 10 days, the department said.

The church could easily transition online for a few more weeks until more people are vaccinated. They’re choosing not to because Jesus makes them selfish. They think they’re dishonoring God by not meeting in person when the reality is that they’re putting elderly members in harm’s way because of their stubbornness.

What does the body count need to be before the Christians who attend these services realize they’re part of a death cult?

(Screenshot via HawaiiNewsNow)

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