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An interesting thread appeared on Ask Reddit yesterday. Christians who date atheists (and vice versa) were asked about their situations: How did they meet? How’s it going? Etc.

Some of the highlights:

I met my soon to be fiancée when doing a internship, we clicked immediately. It wasn’t after a month or two of being official, that I discovered that she was christian. For her it was not a big deal and neither it was for me. We agree on every religious aspect of raising potential children etcetera. Sometime I go to church just because she very much appreciates it.

Overall I would not change one single thing.

I’m an atheist married to a Christian. We met through mutual friends. Religion doesn’t really come up much in our day-to-day. We did get in a fight recently over evolution. She said she didn’t believe in it. After arguing awhile I determined that she just doesn’t want to believe that humans come from evolution, though she believes in evolution otherwise. The argument was never really resolved, but it’s not the kind of thing I’d break up our marriage over. I think she’s wrong, but I can accept her in spite of it. Our marriage is great otherwise.

My husband is a priest. I’m an atheist. It’s surprisingly not really an issue. We met before he became a priest but I supported him pursuing it. I think the key is that we both respect each other. I don’t try to convert him and he doesn’t try to convert me. This means we can have conversations without feeling threatened — which I think is a big part of a lot of the conflict between people of different faiths. Even though we come from largely different place, we often end up reaching the same conclusions when it comes to community, relationships, etc.

Not anymore, but I dated girl who believed, in her heart of hearts, that dinosaur fossils were put in the earth by atheist scientists led by Satan to lead us away from Christ. She also believed every word on the bible was true (fine) but i mentioned Moses slaughtered an entire city (Book of Numbers i believe). She did not believe me. I had a bible in my car and showed it to her. She read it and said I must be reading a bad translation. She also told my siblings they were going to the Lake of Fire for being Muslim (i am not). Had the usual gays-deserve-aids-for-being-gay attitude as well.

She fucked like a pornstar in heat.

Like I said. Reddit.

Lots of really powerful, genuinely helpful threads in the mix, though, for anyone who might be in a similar situation.

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