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I’m thrilled to announce that my friend Jesse Galef has accepted a new position as the National Community Coordinator for the Humanist Community at Harvard (after years working as the Communications Director for the Secular Student Alliance):

Congrats, Jesse! (He’s the one on the right)

He’ll be working alongside a team headed up by Harvard’s Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein:

Galef will work to build support for multi-generational secular communities, with a special emphasis on serving the needs of younger Americans.

“We need to see the groundswell of young secular Americans as an opportunity, not a victory,” Galef said. “If churches aren’t serving their real human needs, we need to develop communities that can. Society will be shaped by where these millions of Americans go next.”

“I want every secular American to have a welcoming community that promotes reason and compassion,” Epstein said. “I’m thrilled to bring Jesse on board to help us realize that vision.”

I can’t wait to see what Jesse accomplishes in his new role. It’s a role that suits him well.
For anyone curious, this position appears to be similar to the one pastor-turned-atheist Teresa MacBain was supposed to fill until shit went down.

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