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Idaho’s Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, a gubernatorial candidate trying to give South Dakota’s Kristi Noem a run for her money as worst Sarah Palin clone in the GOP, made news for all the wrong reasons last year when she trashed state and local COVID restrictions while holding up a Bible and a gun.

In November, she announced a plan to use taxpayer money on unscientific “disinfectant cubes” in the State Capitol.

And now she’s just flat-out lying about the vaccines. In a recent newsletter containing her signature, McGeachin claims that 69.49% of “people who have died within 28 days of a positive Covid test” were vaccinated. She goes on to say “the data is clear that they may be significantly worse off health-wise if they get vaccinated.”

All of that is a lie. The Idaho State Journal explained where the misinformation is coming from:

McGeachin’s “study” comes from the British Health Ministry, which bases its numbers on just over 1,000 fully vaccinated patients in the UK — with almost 70 percent dying after a positive COVID test. Her release doesn’t say they died as a result of COVID, or a vaccine — they just died. The Post Register found several health and research experts who lampooned the lieutenant governor’s findings, calling them “misleading.”

In other words, a bunch of vaccinated people in Britain died after catching COVID… even though many of them were elderly (which is why they got vaccinated early) and caught the delta variant. The same study found that only 3% of delta variant deaths were “among vaccinated adults under age 50.”

The point is: McGeachin is lying. She’s a Christian liar. She’s a Christian liar who’s using her Christianity and her lies to dupe the dumbest people in Idaho into making her the next governor because she thinks the current right-wing governor isn’t radical enough. The sad thing is she may very well be successful.

If she is, more people will die from COVID because they’d be under the leadership of a MAGA cultist who doesn’t understand how science works and actively rejects the advice of those who do.

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