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The Idaho chapter of The Satanic Temple is currently hosting a charity drive cleverly titled “Menstruatin’ with Satan,” where they’re collecting donations of personal hygiene products for those who can’t afford it. (A similar event has been done before.)

“Menstruatin’ with Satan” is a campaign that aims to make menstruation products available to all people in need, especially those who may not be able to afford them without assistance. Menstruation is a non-optional physical reality for many people, and the continued stigmatization of menstruation is harmful to everyone…

Awesome cause. It benefits the Boise Period Project. You can still donate if you’d like.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting: As a way to get more donations from people locally, the group left drop boxes in different areas, including at a pub called The Crown and Thistle. And this apparently led to backlash from some of the customers who weren’t thrilled about the association.

Online comments suggest the anger originated in a Facebook group for local “foodies” who discuss the best places in town. Here’s just one example of an insane person’s post:

Another commenter said in a deeply flawed analogy that this was akin to the KKK putting a “Toys for Tots” box in a restaurant.

Another person said the pub would “NEVER receive any of my family’s business.”

It would’ve been very easy for the pub to just remove the box and hope the controversy disappeared.

Instead, to his credit, the co-owner of the pub defended the fundraiser:

“As we have told many people since before we even opened, the pub is a safe, neutral place for beer, food, and the betterment of our community. A local group asked if we would be willing to put a bin out for the collection of necessary feminine products for women in need, in shelters and abusive situations. For such a worthy cause, of course we said yes. We would do the same for any worthy cause presented by our area. Because we are built by this community and we exist for this community,” [co-owner Ben] Drake’s statement reads.

In a COVID environment, where restaurants are struggling to survive, that’s an incredibly brave thing to say when faced with an online boycott.

The irony is that the Christians freaking out over a harmless association with Satan have no problem drinking alcohol. Ah well. Maybe next time, they can learn how to do a simple Google search before lashing out over basic human decency.

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