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It wouldn’t be surprising to see companies sponsor verses in Scripture… so say hello to the Product Placement Bible:

It was created by advertising copywriter George Logothetis and designer Graham Clifford:

“It’s a not-so-subtle reminder for us to preserve our most sacred institutions,” they said in a statement. “There’s a time and a place for marketing messages, and it shouldn’t be in our most revered work of scripture. We came up with this far-fetched idea, sensed its potential as a content platform, and simply followed it to its logical conclusion. We mean no harm to anyone and want people to know that this is nothing more than a parody intended to be laugh out loud entertainment. And, of course, serve as a cautionary tale.”

Oh, there’s plenty of room to twist Scripture for your own purposes — Christians do it on a regular basis. You can check out their other logo-ed verses right here.

(via James F. McGrath)

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