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The War on Christmas now begins in October, apparently.

Over the weekend, Dr. Anthony Fauci said it’s “just too soon to tell” if people could gather safely for Christmas, by which he meant COVID is still spreading and lots of people still haven’t been vaccinated. Also, who knows what the virus situation will look like in three months.

All of that is a fair, blunt assessment of the situation we’re in.

COVID remains a problem. Large indoor (presumably maskless) gatherings with children who aren’t (and can’t be) vaccinated yet can only make things worse… though that could change if five-year-olds are able to get their shots later this month.

Fauci clarified on Monday that he wasn’t saying people couldn’t gather — and that he planned to spend the holidays with his family — but that clarification shouldn’t have been necessary. People who weren’t purposely trying to misinterpret his words knew what he said the first time.

That clarification was necessary, however, because right-wing media outlets and the Republicans they control were already spreading the lie about how Democrats were trying to “cancel” Christmas.

There are only two possibilities here: Either members of Congress like Stefanik know Democrats don’t hate Christmas and they’re lying about it because they think their base is too dumb to figure it out… or they really do think we’re out to end Christmas because they have no ability to function in the real world.

The “Democrats are trying to cancel Christmas” narrative has been going on for years and somehow, it’s never happened. I’m not sure how it could happen. (Executive order?) But if you’re a conservative Christian whose entire existence hinges on feeling persecuted when you’re not, then anything and everything is seen as a threat to you practicing your faith.

Either way, these GOP politicians are as dumb as the people they’re pandering to. They’re the kind of people who think a plain red Starbucks cup is an attack on their religion. That’s what happens when you’ve never been the victim of any actual persecution.

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