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Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, who has said in the past that Amy Coney Barrett didn’t belong on the Supreme Court because she ought to be in the kitchen and that the election of Republican women have weakened the GOP, moderated a group discussion this week on a very pressing question: Was it a mistake to educate women?

You won’t believe this: All of his “expert” panelists (who work on his show) said that it was.

JESSE LEE PETERSON: I wanna know: Was it a big mistake to educate women?… Hake?


PETERSON: So why was it a big mistake to educate women?

HAKE: ‘Cause look at ’em. They’re already, like, conceited and think that they know better without that stuff.

PETERSON: So not only was it a mistake for women to vote, it was a mistake to let them be educated as well?

HAKE: Right.

PETERSON: Amazin’. [To Panelist Nick] You say?

[PANELIST] NICK: Yeah, seems like it

HAKE: The globalists want women to be educated… remember that Mahalalala? That one girl? She got shot in the face by some Muslim radicals? She’s like this 13-year-old Muslim girl. She’s been, like, 13 for years. And she got shot in the face because she wanted to be educated.

[PANELIST] NICK: On the education thing, too, I realize you kind of have to have the love and logic of a man to protect yourself from getting too into education

PETERSON: Chris, was it a mistake to educate women in America?

[PRODUCER] CHRIS: Well… in one sense, it was, but, I mean, it was done on purpose for nefarious reasons… The quality of everyone’s life… The quality will continue to go down and down and down until we’re literally in Hell unless we turn this thing around.

This is what incels talk about when they think only their fans are listening.

I don’t know that it’s worth debunking any of this when the idea of women receiving an education seems so damn obvious. But given how much these men talk about their Christian faith, it’s a reminder that faith and the idea of the natural “order of God,” as Peterson put it later, is routinely used by religious men to subjugate women.

It’s despicable thinking. It’s also not surprising coming out of their mouths.

(via Angry White Men)

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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