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In 2016, televangelist Jim Bakker told his audience, “If you disagree today with somebody who disagrees with the Bible, and you speak but they have an agenda, and if you won’t stop, they are going to kill you.”

In 2018, a still-alive Bakker told his audience that liberals would “begin to kill the Christian leaders in this country… God has told me that it’s going to happen very, very soon.”

It did not happen. Bakker is still alive.

Now, failing to take a cue from himself or any of the other prophets whose predictions have yet to come to pass, Bakker is once again claiming that his enemies are coming after him — and all the other Christian prophets — because it’s the End Times.

There’s warfare. And there’s not gonna be the voice of any prophetic word in America soon if the enemy has his way. They are working on it, and you’ll find them shooting the prophets. Are you listening to me at all? Can you hear me?… God spoke to me this years ago, that at some point, we would die in the pulpits because they are afraid of us. The only thing keeping America from total destruction is the Bible — is the church of Jesus Christ.

Somehow I don’t think the Americans who tend to push for freedom of religion, stricter gun control, and affordable healthcare for all are secretly planning to execute Christian pastors. (Some of them are Christian pastors.) They don’t want people like Bakker to be harmed. They’re not calling for violence. Ideally, people like him would just fade into obscurity.

The only kinds of persecution Bakker actually faces are self-inflicted wounds — whether they involve his taxes or sham products. None of it has anything to do with his professed faith.

But from the looks of it, even Jim Bakker doesn’t listen to Jim Bakker when it comes to predictions, which means we’ll likely hear all of this again in a year or two when he declares the End Times are upon us yet again.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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