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Vertical-video-addict Joshua Feuerstein was last seen yelling about how putting Kim Davis in jail meant the “Christian Holocaust” had begun.

He’s back this time to yell at us about how asking a public high school football coach to stop praying on the field means… um… the Christian Holocaust has begun. Again.

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Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Seriously, guys? This is absolutely ridiculous! You can see that the beginning of the culture and the tide is turning against Christianity in this country, and I’ve been telling you all along, it’s the beginning of what I call the Christian Holocaust. You better get ready for persecution because now it’s just blatant!

He then encouraged his mob of angry Christian buffoons to call the school district and complain… because how dare they follow the law?!

As I said before, what he’s saying isn’t just hyperbolic. It’s insulting. No one’s rounding up Christians and killing them. No one’s even walking into churches and asking them to change their minds. In this case, a coach was breaking the law by using his platform as a coach to promote his personal beliefs. It wouldn’t be okay if a Muslim or atheist did it, and it’s not okay when a Christian does it.

And what sort of Holocaust involves the victims receiving paid leave?

You can see why Feuerstein has a bond with Coach Joe Kennedy: They’re both attention-seekers who seem to think their faith depends on everyone seeing and hearing them act it out. Just like the Bible says.

Feuerstein’s version of “Christian persecution” in the U.S. amounts to nothing more than people saying “You have every right to practice your faith. But if you want to serve as a government official, you promise to follow the law while on the clock.”

I’m sure all those Jewish people in the 1940s can relate.

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