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Primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall recently described a “dark time” in her research in which she discovered the animals she was observing could be cruel to each other. She came to realize that “the dark, evil side of human nature is deeply embedded in our genes, inherited from our primate ancestors.”

Creationist Ken Ham, naturally, took offense to that. In his mind, we inherited nothing from our primate ancestors because we didn’t have primate ancestors. God just poofed us into existence.

Here. Let him explain:

We don’t have a “dark, evil side” because we inherited it from some ape-like ancestors; we are sinful because we are descendants of Adam. You see, Adam, the first man, rebelled against God and brought sin and death into creation… The Bible tells us we all sin because we sinned in Adam and continue to sin…

And Adam’s sin is the reason chimps can be brutal and engage in “war.” Adam’s rebellion broke creation and now everything groans, including animals such as chimps… Our world isn’t the way God made it! Creation, in the beginning, was “very good”…, but, because of sin, it isn’t any more.

Yep. That makes way more sense.

Next time you’re feeling happy, just remember there’s a multi-million dollar museum in Kentucky dedicated to pushing this Christian conspiracy theory.

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