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While a storm was passing through Kentucky, Creationist Ken Ham used the opportunity to learn all about Pokémon Go from some of his staffers.

But as anyone who’s plays the game knows, a big part of it involves evolving the creatures.

That led to this remarkable exchange in which Ham tried to understand what the hell that means:


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HAM: Now you said something in my office this morning — you nearly got thrown out — when you used the word “evolve”… What did you tell me about Pokémon and evolve?

STAFFER: Pokémon evolve.

HAM: What is that?

STAFFER: Apparently, you give them candy and they become stronger.

HAM: So they evolve.


HAM: … That’s no good for the Creation Museum.

STAFFER (laughing): It doesn’t take millions of years, though.

HAM: It happens immediately?

STAFFER: Pretty much!

HAM: So is that evidence against evolution or…? So Pokémon evolves…

A minute later, Ham evolved a creature for himself:

YouTube video

STAFFER: You want to try to evolve one?

HAM: I don’t believe in evolution… Okay, so what do you do?

STAFFER: Press “evolve.”

HAM: Press “evolve.”

STAFFER: Press “Yes.”

HAM: Yeah… now what?

STAFFER: The bird is evolving.

HAM: Let’s see what happens. Okay…

STAFFER: It has evolved into a bigger, better bird, apparently.

HAM: But it’s still a bird! It’s still a bird! That’s not evolution! It should have evolved into something else!… It definitely shows that birds remain birds.

There you have it. Even in Pokémon Go, the creatures never turn into different species and it happens in a matter of seconds. Checkmate, Darwin!

I realize this is all supposed to be tongue in cheek, but Ham’s comments aren’t a joke. He sincerely believes this nonsense.

Side note: At one point, Ham looks at everyone playing the game in the Creation Museum and says, “People are out there running around, chasing little non-existent things.”

That also doubles as a perfect description of everyone who works there.

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Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.