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Martha Jane King is a Democrat who’s served in the Kentucky House since 2009. As you might expect, the GOP will do anything to discredit her in the weeks before an election, but if a recent mailer is the best the state’s Republican Party can do, it just shows how little they have to offer — and how little they think of their Christian base.

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The mailer features a picture of King, in front of a rainbow, with text that says “Politician Martha Jane King sold out our Christian values” with her “radical, liberal agenda.”

Their evidence? They point to the fact that she supports marriage equality, transgender rights, and access to abortion.

Which I guess means “Christian” values include telling two adults who love each other than they shouldn’t have the same rights as other people, preventing trans people from using the proper bathroom, and forcing women to have babies against their will.

There are definitely Christians who think that way. But it’s not all of them. 54% of all U.S. Christians say homosexuality should be accepted by society, and more than a quarter of white evangelicals support marriage equality.

It’s another example of some Christians claiming to speak for all Christians on some of the most divisive issues within the church. What I don’t get is why any decent Christian could stand by and watch this happen without loudly and publicly denouncing it.

While we’re at it, how presumptuous of the GOP to go after someone for not representing “our” Christian values, as if all Republicans belong to the same religion. They’re only narrowing their own base. Forget non-religious conservatives. Forget Christians who despise the GOP’s focus on social issues. Forget anyone who’s not already in the club.

A specific bigoted brand of Christianity is the party’s official faith — everyone else can get the hell out.

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