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Kevin Sorbo famously played the atheist professor who converts to Christianity in the film God’s Not Dead, a movie so awful that critics said “little about the story is intelligently designed,” “the Almighty deserves better,” and “even by the rather lax standards of the Christian film industry, God’s Not Dead is a disaster.”

But it made shitloads of money. So he’s going to repeat the formula by playing an atheist author who converts to Christianity. (Never let it be said that Sorbo doesn’t have range as an actor.)


According to news reports, Sorbo and his wife, actress Sam Sorbo, have just finished filming their next project, Let There Be Light. The premise?

Sam Sorbo got the story idea for “Let There Be Light” and co-wrote it with producer Dan Gordon.

“The idea hit me,” she said. “I wonder what would happen if the world’s greatest atheist had a come-to-Jesus moment?”

Her husband plays a famous atheist author who has a near-death experience.

So… it’s a fictional movie based off of the rumors surrounding Charles Darwin, Christopher Hitchens, and (eventually) Richard Dawkins, who has gone so far as to say he’ll have a tape recorder by his side on his deathbed so everyone knows he’s still an atheist.

And if the character literally has a “come to Jesus” moment, it’s also a far cry from philosopher Antony Flew, the atheist who later in life accepted a form of Deism (but hardly Christianity).

It’s not that “famous” atheists can’t or won’t convert. It’s that they’ve spent their whole lives examining the evidence for faith, and it’s all thoroughly unconvincing. Even less convincing is evidence for a specific brand of faith.

This film will appeal to the same kind of audience that thought God’s Not Dead was a documentary. Because let’s face it: If a Kevin Sorbo movie ever converted you to Christianity, your atheism was never very strong to begin with.

The film, which has a $3 million budget, is scheduled for release around Christmas of 2017.

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Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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