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Because Kentucky has nothing better to do, State Rep. Regina Huff, a Republican, has already pre-filed a bill for the 2018 legislative session that would declare the last Wednesday in September as “A Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students.”
Why that day? Because it’s the same day traditionally reserved for “See You at the Pole,” when Christian students gather and pray around a flagpole before the start of the school day.


The Governor shall annually proclaim the last Wednesday in September as A Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students and shall call upon the citizens of the state, in accordance with their own faith and consciences, to pray, meditate, or otherwise reflect upon the students of this state as well as their teachers, administrators, and schools.

Huff told the Lexington Herald-Leader that prayer wasn’t mandatory — which is why this may not be subject to a lawsuit — but added that “in prayer there is hope.”
The bill, like the act of prayer itself, won’t do anything to actually help the students. Everyone in a public school already has the opportunity to pray, together or alone, just about anytime they want to. The only reason someone would try to pass this bill is to appease conservative Christians who constantly think they’re being persecuted.
If only Kentucky had legislators who cared about actually improving the education system instead of giving students the chance to chat with an imaginary friend for help.
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