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Christian preacher Kevin Swanson is a man who blames every problem on homosexuality and thinks it’s a sin worthy of death. That hasn’t stopped Republican presidential candidates from seeking his endorsement.

The faith-based hate hasn’t subsided over the years. Swanson said on his radio show Generations yesterday that same-sex marriage was no different from people who married their pets.

It wasn’t just a quick analogy, either. He elaborated.

So how does the church interact with homosexual marriage — or incestuous marriage, or the marriage to pets? Does the church recognize these things? No. I don’t think so. No. Of course not. The state has, I guess, approved the marriage to pets — I believe — isn’t that part of Obergefell? I think it was. So the church shouldn’t recognize… when a man comes in with his pet sheep or his pet dog and says, “This is my wife,” the church says, “No, that’s illegitimate. That is treason against Almighty God. That is a sin that’s abominable. Repent of it.”

Not that his Christian bigotry is worthy of a rebuttal, but neither states nor Obergefell sanctioned marriage to pets.

It’s amazing how, years after marriage equality was legalized nationwide and many more years after the first states began allowing it, conservative Christians still insist the sky is falling when evidence to the contrary is all around them. They’re so brainwashed into thinking there’s something sinful about same-sex marriage that saying it’s just like marrying a dog takes no mental leap on their part. (Well, it’s not like they had room to jump…)

Maybe the more important issue is that politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz have no problem being seen with Swanson or attending one of his events. What should be an absolute dealbreaker for voters is somehow beneficial among Republicans. That tells you everything you need to know about the state of the GOP.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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