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Christian Right activist and conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor, the subject of the Liberty University-connected film The Trump Prophecy and guy who said last month that COVID vaccines represented “one of the biggest genocides in world history,” is now warning Christians that Muslims are crossing the border and being handed weapons. Which is news to… anyone who follows the news.

He made the comments on Friday to fellow conspiracist Christopher McDonald of The McFiles:

… They’ve got literally illegals coming across — that is a national security issue for Texas but
it’s a national security issue for America! So we — look — people better get ready, Chris. Because there’s a very good possibility we could get hit from within. Now what do I mean by that? They are allowing Muslims across the border, they’re allowing these Haitians across the border, and don’t think for one second that they’re not arming some of these people.

I’m not trying to be Mr. Doom and Gloom here. I’m trying to prepare people. They need to be prepared to protect yourselves and your families right now, because I’m telling you, if we get by this without getting hit from within, it’ll be by the grace and mercy of God that it doesn’t happen.

The Biden administration has effectively turned its back on Haitian refugees, and I’m struggling to understand how all these illegal Muslims are crossing into Texas from Mexico (who knew), much less who’s arming them. And how is it that every journalist covering border issues managed to miss these stories while Mark Taylor got the scoop?

Answer: Because, like so much of what he says, he’s making it all up, knowing that his Christian audience will never challenge a God-loving liar who speaks with authority. His whole career has involved scaring ignorant evangelicals into thinking they’re all victims — and he’s only ever been rewarded for it.

Notice how Taylor gives himself an out, though. He spreads the lie about armed refugees… before saying that, if nothing comes of the story, it must be because God intervened. Heads, he wins. Tails, you lose.

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