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For weeks now, Christian Hate-Pastor Greg Locke, who runs Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, has been on a rampage against face masks and social distancing. In his mind, COVID is a hoax and taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus, and keeping churches closed because of the inherent danger with in-person gatherings, is literally caving in to Communism. At his church, he proudly declares, they follow no safety protocols whatsoever.

He recently made a video denouncing masks — “They are scientifically proven to do Jack Sprat!” — that goes from insane to guy-screaming-about-Dunkin’-Donuts-while-making-Nazi-references insane.

Here. Watch. Especially if you’re outside the U.S. only so you understand what some of our deranged Christians are doing because they refuse to listen to epidemiologists. People like him are why the U.S. is unable to control the spread of COVID.

YouTube video

Let me give you the highlights in case you can’t bear to watch:

  • He mocks everyone at Walmart for wearing masks “like a bunch of little mechanized robots.”
  • He explains his obsession with Dunkin’ Donuts, where, apparently twice a day, he gets two medium coffees with “seven cream, five sugars in each one… yeah, I know, I got a problem.”
  • He says he’s on vacation and visiting a local Dunkin’ for his coffee, sans mask, when “Nazi Skippy” comes by and tells him he has to wear one.
  • As he’s leaving, he aggressively kicks open the door, and the manager (or whomever) calls him out on it… which leads Locke to threaten him: “If you call me a liar one more time, I’m going to take these work boots, and I’m going to kick your teeth down your throat.”

Again, this is all about his two cups of sugar with a couple drips of coffee inside.

  • He then tells the man he’ll be back that night for more sugar-coffee without a mask.
  • There’s a tangent about how this is just like abortion because… zygotes.
  • At one point, he says if you’re wearing a mask and it works, then he shouldn’t have to wear one, ignorant of how the masks are meant to protect the public from the people wearing them.
  • He says this is just like if he slapped a Big Mac and cigarette out of your mouth… ignorant of how McDonald’s food isn’t a communicable disease.
  • He calls the pandemic fake, ignorant of how more than 150,000 people have died in the U.S. so far.
  • He says he may lose friends over this video, ignorant of how he has no friends left to lose (I’m sure of it).

Somehow, this is all supposed to get us excited about Jesus.

This man needs anger management therapy. Or, like, waaaaaay less sugar in those coffees. We usually don’t see this much outrage from conservative Christians when it comes to coffee until later in the year whenever Starbucks releases a new holiday cup.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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